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“What you have created is stunning and wonderful.”  Business Link Consultant
Founder: ‘It is built on a foundation of love’. “You fan feel the tenderness.” John Logue, Kiniesologist
“What a wonderful place to have a meeting.”  Ofsted Inspector
“It is good to work in a place which has a higher purpose.” Reiki Master and NLP Practitioner
Reading Borough Council – comments from various departments:
“We like coming here because of all the little niceties.” Policy & Administration
“When we have meetings here we never have a row.” Policy & Administration
“Its perfect.”  Transport Strategy
“The venue had been recommended and it was even better than I expected. Everyone was very complimentary and enjoyed the refreshments.” Streetcare
“Thanks for helping us to have a constructive day in a beautiful environment and caring but unobtrusive hospitality.” TW
“An excellent centre – we had an enjoyable and productive day and were looked after extremely well.   Will have no hesitation in recommending you to others.”  RC Transept
“This is the place which has nice biscuits and where there is dried fruit – we would like to take them in with us.”
“We love your scones.”  Building Control, WBC
“This is such a lovely place to have a meeting.”
“A very good venue indeed – Thankyou.” Peaceful and well fed. Excellent domestic arrangements.” Serco QAA Ltd. 
Reading LEA
[Ofsted rating after the meeting 13 Excellent 7 Good – The facilitator commented that this was high praise indeed!]
“Course participants and I myself love coming to the Renewal Centre … 
the beauty and peace of Sally Miller’s venue provide just the right ambience.”
Fenella Gabriel, 
Hypnotherapist, EFT
“Wonderful environment to train in – ecological and Fairtrade etc. Good to experience.” Age Concern
“I love the energy in this Centre and it loves me.” Hypnobirthing Tutor
“This is an ideal place for the intimacy of family therapy and it has amazing energy.” Psychotherapist
“This place is special: are you aware it has a resident healing angel?” Clinical Psychologist
“It has two (female) lee lines running through the buildings.” Dowser
“This is a wonderful place, ideal positioning for Reading and coming away from the hustle and bustle of an office environment. God has truly blessed us here this a.m., individually and as a team. Thank you.” Ameythyst
“This is a perfect place to do my workshops.” JL Reiki Master
“We love coming here. It is such a lovely place.”  Urchfont Group
“Loved the cake, biscuits and extras - a very comfortable and safe venue, private.”  Oaks Therapy Service WBC

When viewers visit the Renewal Centre 98% of people mention its ambience in various ways including:

A feeling of peace, calm, tranquility, serenity: essence, energy, spiritual, quietness. I say that it is ‘Blessed with a Special Grace’.

Sally M Miller Creator and Founder