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Notes for Guidance for the use of the Renewal Centre, Swallowfield

The Barn has been carefully and lovingly restored. Please especially avoid placing items on the furniture and oak beams because marks will be impossible to remove so use tables and tiled cills with coasters where necessary. Please eat and drink in the lecture or discussion room with the wooden floor as much as possible to preserve for as long as possible the quality of the interior for people in the future to enjoy.

Steel capped heels and tipped chairs have caused damage regretfully so are to be discouraged.

1. Electricity: Please use no more than you need. When the buildings are vacated for any duration ensure that all lights and appliances (except fridges/sensor) are turned off. At departure plugs are to be taken out of sockets, especially TV to reduce tension and fire hazards and hand driers and hot water switches off.

2. Central Heating: The central heating system on the ground floor is underfloor heating and is programmed to provide warmth every morning and evening which of its nature takes a long time for adjustments to be effected. If controls are adjusted please return to 15 degrees when you leave the premises at night. If the heating system is not functioning properly please report to the Owner. When heating is on ensure the front door is closed to prevent heat loss and that any ventilation needed is given through windows.

3. Ventilation: At the first sign of rain ensure the roof lights and windows are closed to prevent internal damage. If windows are opened during use, please ensure that they are closed (and in cold weather also the vents above) and locked with the key hanging on the hook next to each window and fully close internal doors and lock the front door on departure. Internal doors are not to be wedged except on arrival and departure.

4. Care of floors: Steel capped heels and tipped chairs have regretfully caused damage and are discouraged. Please leave all floors for the next user in the condition that you would like to find them. Mop up all spills/water/mud as soon as possible and endeavour not to carry grit or mud onto the oak flooring by using the entrance mat well. Tissue boxes, kitchen paper and cloths under kitchen sink are available.

5. Furniture: If you use/move tables and chairs please do so with care and lift the furniture across the oak laminate floor. After use please replace chairs and tables as you found them.

6. The Fire Exit/Front Door: MUST be kept clear at all times.

7. Noise: Please ensure that, during events where music is played, the level is not audible outside and that the front door is kept closed. 

8. Parking: It is the Hirer's responsibility to ensure that those attending the Renewal Centre do not park cars in the roadway and do not obstruct the highway. At the end of hire all cars are to be removed promptly from the parking area.

9. Effluent/Cooking/Kitchen: The effluent system is a biotreatment plant on the site and it is essential that any grease is minimal so please use kitchen paper to wipe out pans used before washing up: bleach and disinfectants are to be used sparingly. Also any sanitary towels/tampons need to be disposed of in the sanibins provided. For Health & Safety reasons all washing up is to be also rinsed in hot water.

10. Action on leaving:

bulletReplace tables and chairs if used
bulletEnsure floors are left clean.
bulletOpen all curtains, close and lock all windows and roof lights, vents in wintertime
bulletWhen full put all rubbish from bins into outside dustbins/compost heap
bulletTurn off all appliances (except fridges/sensor) and lights and take plugs out of sockets, especially TV
bulletEnsure all doors are closed for fire protection and front door is locked before returning keys to Owner