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These are the Terms 
and Conditions of hire

Renewal Centre, Church Road, Swallowfield,

Reading, Berks. RG7 1TJ Tel: 0118 988 3242

Conditions of hire:

1. The person by whom the application is signed shall be considered the Hirer. If a promoting organisation is involved that organisation must be named and shall also be considered the Hirer and therefore shall be jointly and severally liable. 

2. The Owner reserves the right to cancel a booking unless payments of all charges have been received 4 weeks prior to the hire date.

3. No alcoholic liquor shall be sold or supplied. 

4. The hire of the Renewal Centre does not entitle the Hirer to use or enter the premises at any time other than the specific hours for which the Renewal Centre Barn is hired, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Owner.

5. The Hirer shall only use the Renewal Centre for the purpose set out on the Booking Form and shall not grant control of the Renewal Centre to any other person.

6. The Hirer is responsible for any damage to the Renewal Centre, or its contents, or adjoining land and property, which occurs during the period of hire, or while persons are arriving before or leaving pursuant to the hire.

7. The Owner shall not be responsible for any loss of, or damage to, any property arising out of the hiring; nor for any loss, damage or injury which may be incurred by, or be arising from any cause whatsoever, or for any loss due to any breakdown of machinery, failure of supply of electricity, heating, leakage of water, oil, fire, government restrictions or Act of God, which may cause the Renewal Centre to be temporarily closed, or the hiring to be interrupted or cancelled, and the Hirer shall indemnify the Owner against any claim which may arise out of the hiring, or which may be made by any person resorting to the Renewal Centre during the hiring in respect of any such loss, damage or injury.

8. The right of entry to the Renewal Centre is reserved to the Owner and to any other person authorised by the Owner during the hire.

9. The Hirer shall be responsible to ensure that good order is kept in the Renewal Centre and surrounds during the period of hire and will at the first sign of rain close windows, especially roof lights to prevent damage. At the expiration of the period of hire, leave the Renewal Centre in as clean and tidy a state as it was found and ensure that all water taps, electrical equipment (except fridges), cooker, electrical lights (except sensor switch) are turned off, plugs are taken out of sockets, especially TV. Windows and doors are to be locked when vacating at any time. *Doors should be closed when in session and are not to be wedged permanently for Health & Safety reasons.

10. The Hirer must ensure that the FRONT ENTRANCE DOORS ARE KEPT CLOSED when the heating is on and during events when music is played. The Hirer must also ensure that the music should not be audible from outside.

11. All property of the Hirer or other property brought into the premises in connection with the hiring shall be removed at the termination of the hiring, and the Owner accepts no responsibility for any property brought or left on the premises and the Owner shall be free to dispose of any property not collected within 4 weeks of the hire.

12. Access to all exits must remain clear and no chairs or obstructions placed in corridors, or fire appliances removed or tampered with.

13. The Hirer must produce their receipt as proof of booking when collecting the keys.

14. The Notes for Guidance of users of the Renewal Centre form part of the conditions of hire and must be complied with. A copy is attached. The Hirer shall also ensure that he/she is aware of the conditions that the imposed limit of persons using the Renewal Centre is 20 adults and the hours of use are between 8.30 am and 10 p.m. Mondays to Saturdays, and 9.30 am to 6.30 p.m. on Sundays and Bank Holidays. In this connection the Hirer must comply with Fire and Safety Regulations* and by signing the booking form is responsible for controlling the numbers admitted and being aware of the regulated hours being observed and compliance with the Terms and Conditions and Notes for Guidance.

15. Any breach of these conditions may lead the Owner withholding the deposit or suspension of further bookings.

16. After the hire the Owner will refund the deposit within 14 days less any amount which she may have to deduct in respect of any breach of these conditions, or damage to the Renewal Centre, or its contents, damage to other parts of the premises on which the Renewal Centre is situated or the Owner's adjoining land or property. The amount of the deposit shall not be a limit on the value of any claim for breach of these conditions or damage to the Renewal Centre, its contents, or adjoining land or property.

17. The Owner gives no warranty that the Renewal Centre is legally or physically fit for any specified purpose.

18. The Owner has the right to cancel by giving written notice to the Hirer at any time up to 4 weeks before the hire date.

19. That any press, media or promotional material referencing the property be approved by the Owner in advance.